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7T2 Vacchetta strap

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7T2 Vacchetta strap

Personal Strap Review

7T2 Straps from The Netherlands

Remie Beijer started making straps as a hobby from 2012 onwards and became a full-time strapmaker in 2014. That was the time I just got my first Panerai watch, a PAM00329, and I was looking for interesting after-market straps. One of the straps I was looking for at that time was an ammo strap.

Andre Tan from Singapore shared an ammo strap made of a Swiss Ammo pouch from 1940 and I was excited about the look and the finish of the strap, Andre shared with me the perfect burnishing that was done and the contact details of the strapmaker. I got in contact with Remie, my first pouch choice was a 1941 but the leather was too stiff to make anything out of that one.

My final choice was a 1966 ammo pouch, my birth year. Special enough for me. What I like about Remie is that he updated me on every progress he made with creating the strap from the first cutting to the stitching to the final hole punching. The strap turned out to be an excellent one and used it only for special occasions.

From that moment on I followed Remie with his work and he has become a strapmaker that is creating a lot of straps for micro-branded watchmakers, even his "production work" that is all still hand-made looks fantastic. And it doesn't stop there, he has become a friend of mine and we share our passion for watches and Panerai regularly. Last June 2017 I finally had the chance to meet Remie and could take the strap he created for my PAM372 personally from him.
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7T2 Vacchetta strap

Remie has started making straps of untreated leather that some call Vacchetta leather. This type of leather is very light in color and with sunlight and wearing the leather develops a rich dark brown patina in a short time frame.

I was interested in a Vacchetta strap for my PAM00372 and Remie created one for me, unfortunately I did not have the time to send him my sewn-in GPF Mod Dep buckle that I stil have laying with me with the logo of PDay 2015 Singapore to be included with the straps, a missed opportunity. As the weather in India is too hot and humid in the summer to wear this strap I have waited with trying this strap on my watch.

The strap has a very sharp stitch, the leather is somewhat stiff and will get for sure soft fast as it is only 4mm thick. The buckle attachment has a very short loop that keeps the overall thickness of the strap when wearing to a minimum and using your Panerai OEM buckle possible. The lining is of the same leather as the top layer, there is no burnishing done on this strap. The holes are punched 10mm apart and the lug holes are made to fit tubes precise. The buckle I used is an aftermarket Pre-V style screw-in buckle and fits perfect on the strap in one go.
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On the watch

The color of the straps looks very nice with the dial and the stitching color is well chosen. As this is a 4mm thick strap it looks understated can be used as a dress strap. I look forward to the moment the strap starts getting darker and building lots of patina.
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The strap on the wrist

The strap feels comfortable but will still need a few days to really break in to get it really soft, the leather looks fresh and smells fresh. When you order a strap like this be sure you order the right fitting size as the holes in this strap are 10mm apart and when it is not fitting right, you will probably need to make a new hole that spoils the strap to a certain extend.
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The buckle side

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My conclusion

The strap Remie created for me confirmed he has grown a lot over the last 3 years since I got to know him and his work. The finish is very well done, lines are extremely sharp including his stitching. The leather he used is of a very good quality, the only thing I am missing is his branding on the inside of the strap, there is no logo on the strap. Remie did confirm to me that he will come with solution for that that gives him a lot of customized options.

If you are looking for more info about 7T2 Straps, you can find the strap maker at www.7t2straps.com and if you interested in more details about the strapmaker of 7T2 Straps, Remie Beijer, click here

I hope you like the review, feel free to post your comments here

The strap specifications:

Below you find summarized the specifications of the strap, the prices mentioned are only indicative just to give you an idea what you could expect if you order one.

Leather type: Italian Vacchetta leather
Special treatment: no
Width: 26/26 mm
Length: 140/80 mm
Thickness strap: 4 mm
Type of buckle: no buckle included
Type of stitching: hand-stitch
Price range: 80-100 EURO (depending on the destination, VAT & shipping charges vary)

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A few additional images of the strap. Enjoy!
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