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There was one Panerai that got my attention a few times before, the PAM00389 Submersible Amagnetic, a 47mm bulky model with a ceramic bezel.

History of the Submersible

Panerai came out with the first Submersible in 1956, this watch was made by Panerai especially for the Egyptian Navy, they called it L'Egiziano. The watch was bigger, a whopping 60mm case diameter and next to the typical Luminor crown protecting device the watch has a large rotating bezel with four studs carrying reference numbers for checking the duration of time for a dive. The L'Egiziano has an Angelus 8-day mechanical hand-wound movement, this to minimize the winding frequency that benefits its water-resistance. Next the watch has a plexiglass crystal and and a water-resistance up to 200 meter
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2009, Fast fowards - The introduction of the PAM00305 Luminor 1950 Submersible 47mm

In 2009 Officine Panerai introduced a new line of the Luminor 1950 Submersible collection with the PAM00305. It was still not getting near the 60mm L'Egiziano size, still it was a very attractive new concept based ont the L'Egiziano. The PAM0305 is a made of titanium and has the P.9000 in-house movement with 3-days power-reserve. The watch has a crystal back case, you are able to see the in-house movement. Another very nice feature is the so called quick-change strap system, you can change your strap by pressing the buttons on the back side of the case and push the pin out, you are able to change a strap within a minute!
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The dial of the PAM00305 has instead of the familiar "6" and "12" on the dial, one baton for 6 and two batons for 12, some refer to the dial design of one of the very first Panerai models, the Panerai Radiomir reference number 2533 from 1936.
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2013, the next chapter Panerai Submersible Amagnetic PAM00389

In 2013 Officine Panerai came out with a complete new Submersible model that is the first Submersible with a very high resistance to magnetic fields: 40,000 A/m (ampere per meter). This is achieved by the use of a special internal case made of soft iron of the highest purity, which encloses and isolates the movement, forming a Faraday cage that diverts the flow of magnetic fields. The soft iron case is immediately beneath the dial, which is made of the same material. Another very cool element of the watch is the bezel, it has a ceramic inlay and not the glossy type like you see at other luxury brands, this one is opaque black!

All-titanium, super comfortable

The wearing comfort of the watch is incredible for the size, the cushion shaped Luminor 1950 case just sits very comfortable on your wrist. Of course the fact that the PAM00389 has, just like the PAM00305, a complete brushed titanium case, reduces the weight of the watch significantly that contributes to the wearing comfort of the watch. Another nice thing about titanium is that it is a bit darker than steel and gives sort of a vintage look The PAM00389 has a closed titanium back-case, I don't mind it at all, the P.9000 3-days power-reserve automatic movement doesn't look that impressive to me anyway..

Straps, straps and straps

When you buy Panerai watches one thing you need to take into account, you will look at collecting a lot of straps, as every strap gives the watch a complete different look and feel, by just changing the strap you more or less create a new watch!

Got my strap before the watch

Before I could pick up my watch I collected my first strap especially for this watch, a very special strap from Di Stefano straps from Florence Italy, Florence is also the birthplace of Panerai. Simona Di Stefano was so kind to sell me one of their prototype straps, the All Black Diver strap. You will read more about this strap in another review on this website.
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Collecting my PAM00389

As requested the watch was presented to me in the triple-box, the way most Paneristi like to collect their watch, that is considered part of "the complete set", an outer transport box with a few stickers and codes, inside the outer-box a black box, inside the black box a wooden box that holds the watch, a second leather strap, a strap change tool, a screwdriver, warranty booklet and user manual.
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After inspecting the watch, I accepted the watch and paid. While the sales representative was filling in the warranty booklet, I took of the caoutchouc strap and changed it for the Di Stefano strap I took along with me, as mentioned that is a two-minutes-job thanks to the quick change strap system of this model.
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Now, this is better!
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On quick wrist shot before leaving the dealer!
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Of course I did not forget to take the box with me!
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A closer look of the Di Stefano All Black Diver strap that shows the strap better
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The next day, back to the OEM caoutchouc strap

It is a diver watch and part of the professional line of Panerai watches, the first thing that came to my mind was to change the leather strap the next day again for the Panerai OEM caoutchouc strap when going to our pool! The Panerai OEM caoutchouc strap is very comfortable, but living in India nothing beats a good solid thick leather strap for normal daily use.
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How a strap changes the look of the watch

Just as an example, the look of this PAM00389 changes with every different strap, the top left is coming standard with the PAM00389 a leather black strap with ecru stitching, the blue vintage style and mustard color ammo strap. The bottom right is the Di Stefano All Black Diver strap again.
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Unboxing of the PAM00389

When buying a new Panerai, part of the ceremony is the unboxing. Of course when collecting my watch at the dealer, I didn't have someone to click the pictures for me, so being practical, I re-did this at home, please find below the unboxing of my PAM00389.

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Triple box, the outer box
Inside the outer box, the black box
In the black box there is a wooden box
the wooden box
Opening the box reveals a plush inside
moving the covering cloth aside revals the watch
The set, strap change tool, screwdriver , PAM00389 and extra leather strap
From the top
From the left
Zoomed in
From the right
Zoomed in
with the protection bezel off
more details
side view
The crown guard
Focus on the dial
Focus on the 15 minutes marker
more details
side view of the brushed titanium case
On the wrist
Accordeon strap
Domed crystal
Shiny titanium bezel
On the second standard strap, leather
PAM0389 on Di Stefano Bruno Allegrini Gamma Diver strap at the beach
PAM0389 on Di Stefano Bruno Allegrini Gamma Diver strap on the wrist
PAM0389 on Di Stefano Bruno Allegrini Gamma Diver strap
PAM00389 on Corrigia Squadra01 strap
PAM00389 on Adeeos black ammo strap

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