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Mays|Berlin Uno strap

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Uno strap

Strap Review

Mays-Berlin Straps from Germany

Mays & Anna are a couple from Berlin, Germany who started their strap boutique shop and since 2013 go by the name "Mays|Berlin"

Mays | Berlin only offers hand-made straps, something more and more customers are looking for.

I have been in contact with Mays & Anna and after the first strap have a great experience with them so far, especially their personal attention and communication makes it easy and pleasant.

Mays & Anna have a passion for mechanical watches themselves and especially Panerai, so understanding what a Paneristi is looking for in a strap is not hard at all for them.

The Uno strap

Mays is known for their classic straps that are an excellent alternative for the OEM straps. After my first strap from Mays|Berlin, the Zaffiro, I was attracted to their classic straps again, discussed this with Mays & Anna and they were so kind to let me try one of them.

The Shark Nubuck strap was my choice and Mays & Anna offered to sent an Uno strap along, this is part of their vintage and numbers strap line. The "1" on the strap refers to the old days where equipment of the Italian Marina Militare was registered and numbered.

Delivery & package

As I ordered the strap just like a customer would do, you can see the progress of your strap on their website when logging in and checking your order number, a cool feature. When it arrived, the strap was packed in a cotton pouch with the Mays | Berlin logo printed, a nice touch and big enough to store multiple straps.
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The strap

When opening the pouch I found a strap with a dark and white "1" on the long side, it is incredible soft and flexible and has had a vintage treatment the way I have not seen before. The leather has dark & light shades all over the strap. The lining is of natural calf leather light in color with the Mays|Berlin logo embossed right in the middle of the short part of the strap. As this is a strap used as a classic strap, I use my OEM 26mm buckle.
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The finish of the strap

The finish of the strap is refined and comes with tubes already installed. The vintage treatment the strap got gives it a nubuck look and feel. The sides of the strap are untreated and probably only sandpapered. The stitching is made with beige thread that matches a dial like my PAM00372, like the shark nubuck it's done straight and sharp, the keepers are having embossed and darkened lines that gives it a luxury touch.
The holes punched are round and still fit the OEM buckle. I wanted this strap to be used as a strap like the 26mm Panerai OEM Ranger strap that came with my PAM00372 but as this is a slightly thicker strap, Mays advised me to take a longer length, 140/80. The cut-out for the buckle is super-sharp and had no issue installing my OEM buckle. To me this strap looks less vintage like most of my other vintage straps and would rather call this a classic strap that is good for both casual and official occassions. If you order this strap with triple-folding combined with a GPF MOD buckle the look and feel will for sure go more towards a vintage strap.

Delivery tracked and received

As mentioned, when you order a strap from Mays | Berlin you can track your order from progress in production, strap sent and strap received, an extra comfort to know.
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Panerai OEM buckle

The strap does not come with a buckle and I use my 26mm Panerai OEM buckle. Because of the tight stitching at the buckle it fits tight and will keep it in place.
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On the watch

When putting this strap on my PAM00372 the leather color fits great with the faux-patina dial and gives a similar look and feel as the OEM Ranger strap.
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This strap, thicker than the OEM Ranger & fits tight on my PAM00372

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On the wrist

Another strap from Mays that doesn't need any break-in period, this strap is soft and bendable from the very first day and feels like silk on your wrist. The only worry I had that the leather might be too soft and stretchable, after using it now for a few months that turns out not to be the case.
The two "1" painted on the strap are not in your face, that way you can use the strap for both casual as dress occassions.
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The buckle

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My conclusion

The Uno strap is a great strap for those who are looking for a strap for more than one occassion.
Panerai unfortunately doesn't make many classic non-tapered non-padded straps, a great opportunity for strap makers like Mays|Berlin. Like I mentioned before this is a custom strap made just for you, that means you can create it into a bespoke version. The leather is extremely soft and and an interesting different vintage treatment given.

When you look at the price level of their straps, it's worth trying one at 2/3 of the price of a Panerai OEM strap with a quality like they make, you cannot go wrong in my opinion, the will last longer as well!

What I like about Mays | Berlin is their approach, the images on their website resembles the real product you get, the tracking of your order online keeps you excited about the strap that is about to come and most important they are very serious about their customer as when something is not to your liking they are very supportive, this is a great comfort and a confirmation that they are really passionate about what they do.

If you are looking for more info about Mays | Berlin Straps, you can find the strap maker at

I hope you like the review, feel free to post your comments here
If you interested in more details about the strapmaker of Mays | Berlin Straps, click here

The strap specifications:

Below you find summarized the specifications of the strap, the prices mentioned are only indicative just to give you an idea what you could expect if you order one.
Leather type: Veg. tan leather hide with veg. tan calf leather lining.
Color: Light brown
Special treatment: Vintage treatment
Style: Classic/Vintage design
Width: 26 mm
Length: 140/80 mm
Thickness strap: 4.8 mm
Type of buckle: Not included, Panerai OEM 26 mm buckle used here
Type of stitching: hand-stitch
Price range: 200-240 Euro (plus shipping)

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A few additional images of the strap. Enjoy!

the embossed & darkened keepers
"1" in white & black on the strap
very sharp hand-sewn
The clear Mays|Berlin logo
The buckle fits tight on the strap
On the PAM00372
side view
the strap is slghtly longer and shows some tail