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Review By Marc AKA "laphroaig007"

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Review by Marc

Officine Panerai has been releasing Special Editions on a yearly basis that go per model to up to a few thousand units.

There are also a very few Special Editions released by Francesco Ferretti, a very well known Italian collector and Panerai AD, last year the 30th Anniversary of Ferretti as active Panerai AD, the PAM00665 and limited to 30 units!

Our dear fellow Panerista Marc AKA "laphroaig007" was lucky enough to get hold of a PAM00665 and was happy to share his experience.

All text and images are credit to Marc AKA "laphroaig007", you can follow him on Instagram @laphroaig007

My PAM00665 review

II ended up writing this complete review of a rare 30-piece Panerai, the Panerai PAM00665 Luminor 1950 3 days 47mm Special Edition Ferretti 30° Anniversario.

This SE was created in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Ferretti dealer in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy.

Ferretti Srl is the oldest dealer for Panerai in the world. Any Panerista should go and visit this place, as it is an awesome boutique with lots of n°1 pieces, vintage, PreV, PreA watches, as well as featuring a real museum for old Panerai military navy tools.

I guess this SE is the 3rd one Ferretti did, all have brown dial in common.

The special box set includes :
- Brown edge cut leather bracelet, with Ferretti buckle and millesimal number engraved.
- Gold brown veal leather bracelet, with Ferretti buckle and millesimal number engraved.
- Watch leather box, made of real Tuscan leather, stores watch with 2 straps and 1 screwdriver.
- Book about military diving watches.
- Brown edge cut leather belt with oversized Ferretti buckle.
- Silver engraved ring, with "maiale" SLC sketch and millesimal watch number on it.
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The PAM00665 in a Ferretti box

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The PAM00665 comes with extra straps

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The PAM00372 & PAM00665

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The whole range of PAM00372 versions, plus

Since the moment the PAM00372 was introduced a number of variations came out, all Special Editions and all with plexiglass crystals. The PAM00605 Firenze Boutique version is since the last two years with a sapphire crystal. For some they all look the same, for some it is just that little detail like the pencil hands on the PAM00673 Marina Militare that brings is even closer to the watch they all are based on, the Panerai Luminor reference 6512/1. There are two black Panerai Luminor versions in this image, on the left the PAM00375 Ceramic and on the right the PAM00617, both Special Editions.
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The sunburst dial of the PAM00665

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The Ferretti 30º Anniversario engraved on the backside

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The three straps the PAM00665 comes with

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+ + +
Real stunning dial, changes color and feel depending on light and sun.
Complete box set is amazing !
P3000 caliber adequately chosen.

- - -
Price-list is impressive, I would even say overpriced, though the complete accessories set helps to accept to pay for it !
Caseback is a bit dull.
Some might say this is just a normal PAM00372… LOL I guess, they have not seen in-real-life.

My conclustion

This watch has become my favorite among all other Panerai watches I have. As beautiful as a PAM 372 but with much more exclusivity and a stunning dial.

Here are the specifics of this stunning watch :

* Reference : PAM00665 Special Edition Ferretti 30° anniversario
* Case : Luminor 1950 47mm ref OP6835
* Crystal: Plexiglass (additional spare one included)
* Based on the PAM00372 watch
* Millesima : S-serial
* 30 pieces only
* Sold exclusively by Ferretti Srl
* Specific brown sunburst dial
* Specific engraved plain casebook (engraved Ferretti logo 30° anniversario)
* Specific box set with many accessories.
* Pricelist : EUR 12 200

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PAM00605 Firenze
Comparison of different dials
Sunburts effect with a vintage Panerai on the background
Subtle sunburst dial
Very shiny sunburst dial
PAM00665 at Officine Panerai