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International Paneristi communities

Paneristi can be found all over the world!

The passion for Panerai watches and the Paneristi community is a true global phenomenon.

Below you find Panerist communities from other parts of the world, a great way to get connected and ask for advice if needed.
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Paneristi.com forum

The Paneristi.com forum the oldest and largest Panerai enthusiasts website, it is the place to be for advice, new product introductions, getting connected with fellow Paneristi. If you are looking for a new strap at a great price or like to follow the latest offerings from vendors, it's all there. You can visit the forum as a reader, if you like to start posting or commenting on threads, get yourself registered. To go to Paneristi.com, click here
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Paneristi Club e.V.

Our German Paneristi took it a step further and have founded an official Paneristi Club in Germany in 2015. As a member you have access to the forum on the website, the Paneristi Club organizes on a regular basis GTG's and trips. They even have their own "Club Panerai watch", a PAM000 that is rotating between the members and creates all kinds of personal and travel reports. To go to the Paneristi Club e.V. website, click here
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Paneristi Hellas

Paneristi Hellas, the Greek Panerai enthusiast forum, this forum is in Greek and there is a a corner for non-greek friends. To go to the Paneristi Hellas website, click here
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Paneristi Spain

Paneristi Spain (España) is a completely independent website of the other pages on watchmaking. Without advertising and without economic ties of any kind with the brand or its distributors. In a natural way and with the ideas and contributions of everyone, both the team and yours, we hope to achieve of Paneristi Spain one of the websites with more and better information about the brand in Spanish language. To go to the Paneristi Spain website, click here
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Timekeepers Club

An international internet portal dedicated to Haute Horlogerie. TIMEKEEPERS CLUB was created to deliver broad range of services for business and personal purposes. Here you will find detailed information about latest novelties from top watch manufactures; you will find answers to your questions about watch industry, growth, innovations and also about investments in this market. To go to TIMEKEEPERS CLUB website, click here

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