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Mr. TipTop Leather Lupo & Buffalo Nubuck strap

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Lupo & Buffalo Nubuck Strap

Strap Review

Mr TipTop Leather from Denmark

Shahram, the strap maker from Mr. TipTop Leather contacted me and requested me to have a look at his straps after seeing my earlier strap reviews.

Till that moment I only saw images of the straps he creates, they look very classy and made with care. He offered to send me a few straps that I could have a look at.

4 straps

I got the surprise that Shahram sent me 4 straps and I received them in two canvas-style pouches, although the packaging is of less importance to me personally, it does show an extra attention for detail from the strap maker and it is an easy way to make the straps recognizable.

The first two straps in this review

In this review I share my experience of the first two straps I combined with my PAM00389, The Lupo and the Buffalo Nubuck.
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The Lupo strap

This strap is part of the Aquila Series and has been treated with ocean water to get the grayish worn look on the strap. The leather used is double croupon leather, something the maker is very proud of, using only the best leather types for creating his leather straps and accessories. I noticed that the leather treatment is only done on the top layer and I think this was done before he made the strap. Another remarkable thing is that he lets the leather rest for days after he cut the hides in parts to be used for his work. There is no rapid work here, everything done with dedication. The keepers made for this strap are cut in a different way than I am used to, it has a natural effect as it is not cut straight, instead it has natural curves. The contrast colors of the keepers and the strap is interesting and I expect when wearing the strap for a longer period the colors will come together more. I tested this strap with an aftermarket Pre-V buckle and the buckle fitted fine and I had no problems installing the buckle. The hand-stitching is very sharp and the straps gives a solid look and feel. The top side of the strap has because of the treatment it got a silky nubuck feeling, the lining is of the same leather but not treated like the top side. This straps is made with the triple folding technique.
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The Buffalo Nubuck strap

The first time I saw this strap when receiving it I was not really impressed with the pin added on the keeper, within a few days I did start to appreciate it. it gives that extra casual look on the strap. The pin on the keeper has a horse, on the website of the strap maker I noticed different pin designs and I am sure when you order your strap you should be able to configure your strap just the way you like it. This is another approach compared to most other strap makers, Mr. TipTop Leather does not offer ready strap, if you are interested in a strap you have to share your preferences in order to make your strap really your personal strap, the only word that comes to mind is "bespoke". This strap has a rougher design than the Lupo, there is no burnishing done, the keepers are straight and thick, the stitching is also different and confirms that Mr. TipTop Leather offers different designs of straps with different thickness, different tail design, different finish and of course different leather types. This strap is made of buffalo nubuck and has a slight used look that makes the strap a slight vintage look. Both sides of the strap have more or less the same feel as the treatment done is very mild.
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On the watch

When I just got my PAM00389 I was convinced that the best color combinations with this model is either black or grey. By now I know that is not true and have experimented with many different colors. Brown is a perfect match and both straps really look nice on the watch.

It took a bit of time to get the straps mounted as they are just be bit wider than 26 mm, once they were on the watch both straps are very comfortable from the first moment onwards, the Buffalo Nubuck is of course just a bit more softer and needs no break-in period at all. The Lupo does look a bit more special to my opinion because of the contrasting keepers and the intense vintage treatment it got. The Buffalo Nubuck on the other hand does look cool as well and reminds me of shoes you know are worn out but way to good to replace. This strap is of course not worn out at all, it's more the nubuck leather that gives that feeling.
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The strap on the wrist

The Lupo strap is a bit tougher and will need a few days to break-in. I normally wear a strap that needs to break in one hole wider than I my size would be, this way the watch can turn a bit and will mold easy to my wrist. The strap fits tight on the lugs, looks nice and muscular on the watch and has a nice long tail.

The Buffalo Nubuck is a comfortable strap from the first time you wear it, fits as tight as the Lupo on the lugs and has a rounder tail. I think that over time this strap wil develop some real nice patina and will last forever.
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The buckle side

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My conclusion

Mr. TipTop Leather started in 1954 and is a known and dedicated master craftsman strap maker. If you are looking for a quick service you are at the wrong address as everything happens here by hand, there are no machines included in any part of the work to create a strap or any of their other leather accessories.

The straps I received all look very professional made, still all got their own signature and design. Whenever you are looking for one of their straps, you will end up with your personal made strap, bespoke! This takes a few weeks and more than worth the waiting!

The straps have very predominant logos and branding embossed on the inside, are packed in simple canvas pouches that also have the name Mr. TIpTop Leather mentioned.

If you are looking for more info about TipTop Leather Straps, you can find the strap maker at www.mrtiptopleather.com

I hope you like the review, feel free to post your comments here

The strap specifications:

Below you find summarized the specifications of the strap, the prices mentioned are only indicative just to give you an idea what you could expect if you order one.

Lupo strap

Leather type: Double Croupon Leather
Special treatment: Intense vintage treatment including ocean water
Width: 26 mm
Length: 150/95 mm
Thickness strap: 5 mm
Type of buckle: no buckle included
Type of stitching: hand-stitch
Price range: 200 EURO (depending on the destination, VAT & shipping charges vary)

Buffalo Nubuck strap

Leather type: Buffalo Nubuck leather
Special treatment: Vintage treatment
Width: 26 mm
Length: 160/100 mm
Thickness strap: 5 mm
Type of buckle: no buckle included
Type of stitching: hand-stitch
Price range: 210 EURO (depending on the destination, VAT & shipping charges vary)

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A few additional images of the strap. Enjoy!
close up of the Buffalo Nubuck strap
The horse pin on the strap
5mm thick strap
The long tail and the pin
Triple fold technique shown on the Lupo strap
The treated leather
Close up of the Lupo strap
The intense contrast of the keepers on the Lupo strap
The Lupo strap on the PAM00389
The Buffalo Nubuck strap on the PAM00389