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Strapmakers have been around for many years, but over the last few years the number of strapmakers have increased, partly as new "weekenders' who make straps for fun in their free-time and strap makers who are creating straps full-time for a living. One thing is that most share, their obsession with watches and straps!

There is no limit to regions, strap makers are from all around the globe, some are very well known, others deserve a further introduction. As I cannot possibly own straps from every single good strap maker, I would still like to share their work after seeing their work before or by hearing good things about them . Straps are a very important part within the Paneristi community, straps makes our Panerai watches look different and special.

In this part of the Paneristi NL website a selection of strapmakers personally introduce themselves to you that make you understand better about the type of straps they create, the background of their passion and what makes them different from other straps.

Most important is to get to know the person behind the product, it's made by people with passion.

This page will grow with more strapmaker introductions, if you feel that a strapmaker is missed out, or you would like to share your opinion, contact me here

To create even more content about Panerai, straps reviews and Paneristi events possible, your support is very much appreciated! You can contribute by clicking the below PayPal button

Click on the images below to go the strapmaker of your choice or choose it in the menu on the top of the page.
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