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Straps Sale

used straps all in perfect condition

Special Christmas & New Year's Offer!

For all orders till 15 January 2018 shipping including track & trace free of cost!

PLUS: Order two straps and get 50% extra off on the cheapest strap!

If you like to benefit from this offer, send a message here and I will share a coupon code with you!

Great straps available

This is a selection of my personal straps, all slightly used. Suitable for 22mm, 24mm or 26mm lug watches like Panerai 40/42mm, 44/45mm & 47mm models.
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My available straps

Maddog Elephant Leather strap
Maddog Straps

Maddog Elephant Leather strap

Maddog Elephant leather strap

€175.00 €100.00

My Promise

All straps are "as is", all part of my personal collection and are in an excellent condition, a mix for 40/42, 44mm and 47mm Panerai watches with 22mm, 24mm & 26mm lugs. The straps offered are all single available straps. Once they are gone, they are gone.

All with registered post incl. T &T

To give you and me comfort, I ship all the straps with registered post including Track & Trace. If you would like your order to be send with a faster courier service, please contact me and I will make you an offer.


You will not find straps for sale for commercial purposes. If you need advise on a strap you are looking for, I am happy to share my opinion.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.